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2004 Suzuki Forenza LX Ignition Lock Cylinder and Switch

Posted on 03 January 2014 by admin

Download 2004 Suzuki Forenza LX Ignition Lock Cylinder and Switch Removal and Installation Removal 1. Disconnect the detrimental battery cable. 2. Remove the upper and the decrease steering column cowl panel by eradicating the screws. Fig. forty six: Removing The Higher And Decrease Steering Column Cover Panel Screws 3. With the important thing in the ignition turned to the place designated ACC, remove the lock cylinder by pressing down the detent spring and pulling the lock cylinder out of the swap cylinder housing. Fig. 47: Removing The Lock Cylinder 4. Take away the ignition swap retaining screw. Fig. 48: Eradicating The Ignition Change 5. Disconnect the wiring and remove the ignition switch. Set up 1. Install the ignition swap with the ignition switch retaining screw. Fig. 49: Putting in The Ignition Change Tighten Tighten the ignition switch retaining screw to 2.5 N.m (22 lb-in). 2. Connect the wiring to the ignition switch. 3. Set up the lock cylinder. 4. Install the higher and the lower steering column cover panel with the screws. Tighten Tighten the upper and the decrease steering column cover panel screws to 2.5 N.m (22 lb-in). 5. Connect the destructive battery cable.

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