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2004 Suzuki Forenza L4-2.0L Manual Transmission/Transaxle Assembly

Posted on 04 January 2014 by admin

Download 2004 Suzuki Forenza L4-2.0L Manual Transmission/Transaxle Assembly Removal & Installation Removal 1. Install the engine support fixture J-28467-B. 2. Remove the battery and battery tray. 3. Remove the shift linkage assembly. 4. Remove the drive axle shaft. 5. Disconnect the backup lamp change electrical connector. 6. Disconnect the speedometer pace sensor electrical connector. 7. Remove the pin and the clutch release cylinder pipe. 8. Take away the damping block connection nut and bolt. 9. Take away the three rear mounting bracket bolts. 10. Remove the rear mounting bracket from the transaxle. 11. Remove the two rear damping block retaining bolts. 12. Take away the rear damping block from the front cross member. 13. Remove the two cage retaining bolts. 14. Remove the three transaxle higher mounting bracket bolts. 15. Take away the upper mounting bracket and cage. 16. Take away the three transaxle higher retaining bolts. 17. Help the transaxle with a transaxle help jack. 18. Remove the seven transaxle decrease retaining bolts. 19. Take away the transaxle. 20. Slide the transaxle sideways away from the engine block.

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