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2002 Nissan Xterra Se Coolant Leak From Intake Manifold Water Outlet

Posted on 01 January 2014 by admin

Download SERVICE PROCEDURE Install the new fiber gasket (refer to the PARTS INFORMATION section) between the water outlet housing and intake manifold as follows: 1. Verify the coolant leak is coming from the water outlet housing/intake manifold sealing surfaces. 2. Use the valve on the lower radiator tank to drain coolant, into a clean bucket (or other clean, suitable container), to just below the level of the water outlet housing. 3. Remove parts necessary to access the water outlet housing. 4. Remove the water outlet housing from the intake manifold. 5. Thoroughly clean the sealing surfaces of the water outlet housing and intake manifold, making sure all old sealer is completely removed. 6. Install the new fiber gasket onto the water outlet housing as follows: A. First, install the two mounting bolts through the holes in the water outlet housing. B. Then, slide the fiber gasket over the bolts until it is flush against the sealing surface of the housing. The bolts will keep the gasket in place while installing the housing. 7. Install the water outlet housing to the intake manifold and tighten the bolts to 16.3-20.3 N.m (1.7-2.1 Kg- m, 12-15 ft-lbs). 8. Re-install all components that were previously removed. 9. Re-fill the radiator: * With the coolant that was drained and captured in step 2 * According to the Coolant Refilling Procedure outlined in the “MA” section of the applicable Service Manual, to ensure air bubbles are purged from the cooling system.

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