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2001 Chevy Truck S10, T10 Blazer 2wd Intake Manifold Replacement

Posted on 15 December 2013 by admin

Download Removal Procedure Important: The upper intake does not have to be removed to remove the lower intake manifold. 1. Disconnect the breather tube at the air cleaner outlet duct. 2. Remove the air cleaner outlet duct retaining wingnut. 3. Disconnect the IAT sensor harness connector. 4. Remove the air cleaner outlet duct from the throttle body. 5. Disconnect theaccelerator cable from the throttle body. 6. Remove the accelerator cable from the accelerator control cable bracket. 7. Disconnect the cruise control cable, if equipped from the throttle shaft and the accelerator cable bracket. 8. Disconnect thevacuum hose from the intake manifold for the vacuum tank. 9. Remove the power brake booster vacuum hose. 10. Disconnect the following electrical connectors: The A/C compressor clutch (1) The A/C compressor cutoff switch (5), if equipped The Throttle Position (TP) sensor (2) The Idle Air Control (IAC) motor (3) 11. Disconnect the following electrical connectors: The fuel meter body assembly (1) The Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) sensor(3) The EVAP canister purgesolenoid valve (2) 12. Remove the engine wire harness clip from the accelerator cable bracket. 13. Move the engine wiring harness aside. 14. Remove the accelerator cable bracket from the throttle body and the intake manifold. 15. Remove the accelerator and cruise control cable bracket from the throttle body. Leave the accelerator and cruise control cables on the bracket.

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