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2001 Bmw X5 3.0i (E53) L6-3.0l Front Door Trim Panel

Posted on 07 December 2013 by admin

Download WARNING: – Version with side airbag: – Follow safety instructions for working on cars with airbag systems. CAUTION: Do not use any sharp-edged tools to remove the panel – risk of damage to airbag. Remove clipped-in trim (decorative strip) on door trim panel. Remove toggle switch for door window operation. Remove footwell light on bottom of door. Release screws (1). Lever out airbag label (2) and release screw underneath. Unclip clips (1) of door trim panel with special tool 00 9 317 (trim panel wedge). Carefully unclip door trim panel (1) at top with special tool 00 9 317 (trim panel wedge). Feed door trim panel (1) out of unlocking button (3). Installation: Bend open retainers on inner door plate for accommodating central clip (2) for installation. Version with lighting for inside door handle: If necessary, disconnect plug connection (1) on door opener (2). Unhook Bowden cable for release lever: – Tighten release lever (1). – Lever out lock (2). – Detach Bowden cable towards inside/rear. Installation: Press unlocking lever (1) for installation fully on door trim panel. Installation: Clips (1) are longer than the other clips. Clips (1) are gray, the other clips are white. Fit all clips with sealing ring. If necessary, replace faulty clips. Installation: After assembling the door trim panel proceed as follows: – Open door window. – Lock with vehicle key. – Check whether linkage of safety button can move freely. – If necessary, align linkages.

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