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1994 Bmw 325is Front Suspension Removal And Installation

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Download Removal 1. Remove control arm. See CONTROL ARM . Center punch control arm pin. See Fig. 23 . Unfasten bolts. See Fig. 24 . Mark, measure and note bracket/bushing installation position for installation purposes. See Fig. 25 . Using Puller (00-7-500) and Adapter (31 2 151), remove control arm bracket with bushing. See Fig. 26 . Using a press and Adapter (31 2 130), press bushing out of bracket. See Fig. 27 . Installation 1. Clean bushing bore in bracket. Align arrow on bushing with mark on bracket and press bushing into beveled bore in bracket using a press and Adapter (31 2 130). See Fig. 28 . 2. Ensure bushing protrusion is equal on both sides of bracket. 3. Check rubber mounts (except M3). With vehicle in normal position and using a feeler gauge, measure gap in bushing. If gap “A” is not .01-.05″ (0.3-1.3 mm), replace bushing. See Fig. 29 . 4. Coat control arm pin with anti-friction agent (turpentine substitute). Using Installer (31 2 152/153/154 and 00 7 501), install bracket and bushing onto control arm pin to previously measured position. See Fig. 30 . 5. Ensure bracket centering bores point toward engine carrier. See Fig. 31 . CAUTION: Use washers, tighten control arm bracket bolts and lower vehicle to normal position immediately to prevent serious impairment of handling. 6. Install control arm to vehicle, tighten control arm bracket bolts to specification and immediately lower vehicle to normal position. Leave vehicle in normal position for at least 30 minutes. After 30 minutes, anti-friction agent will be evaporated and control arm will fit tightly and be correctly positioned.

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