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2004 Audi A4 Fuel Pump Service and Repair

Posted on 10 January 2014 by admin

Download Removing And Installing Fuel Pump CAUTION: To remove the Fuel Pump (FP), the fuel tank may only be filled to a maximum of 3/4. Empty fuel tank if necessary. Recommended special tools and equipment 3087 wrench for tank sensor. VAS5190 fuel siphoning device Empty fuel tank Observe safety precautions. Observe rules for cleanliness. CAUTION: Observe safety precautions when disconnecting the battery. Disconnect battery Ground (GND) strap with the ignition switched off. CAUTION: Secure Ground (GND) wire of VAS5190 to a blank portion of the chassis. Pull cone piece -2- from shaft piece -1- of VAS 5190. Using insulating tape, apply a mark -arrow- on hose at length a = 1465 mm from end of suction hose. Remove fuel filler cap from fuel filler tube. Screw shaft piece -1- of VAS 5190 fuel siphoning device on to fuel filler tube of fuel tank. Now slide suction hose as far into fuel tank until the mark applied earlier -arrow- stands on shaft piece. NOTE: If using a siphoning device without shaft piece, proceed principally in the same manner. In this case, apply a mark -arrow- on hose at length a = 1400 mm from end of suction hose using insulating tape. The suction hose is inserted correctly when the marking applied earlier stands opposite the lip of fuel filler tube. If the hose can only be inserted with difficulty, smear it thinly with engine oil. Never use lubricants containing silicon. Drain fuel tank through fuel filler tube. Carefully remove siphoning hose.

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