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2004 Audi A4 Engine Oil Pressure Low Technical Service Bulletin

Posted on 11 January 2014 by admin

Download SUBJECT Engine, Oil Pressure Low CONDITION Low engine oil pressure light is ON SERVICE Preliminary diagnosis reveals actual low engine oil pressure condition (engine oil level is OK and oil pressure switch, instrument cluster, wiring harness, etc. are OK). Remove valve cover. Inspect camshafts bearings (Remove only one cap at a time) for damage. If ALL camshaft bearings are OK (NOT damaged): Engine must be repaired as described in “Engine repair guidelines ” section. If one or more camshaft bearings are damaged: Complete engine must be replaced as described in “Engine replacement guidelines ” section. NOTE: Requires FOM authorization for engine replacement. ENGINE REPAIR GUIDELINES If no camshaft bearings are damaged: Inspect camshaft chain tensioner for visible damage on the pads in contact with the chain. Replace tensioner as necessary. Remove oil pan. Inspect for oil sludge or solid deposits in oil pan, valve cover and around camshafts. If oil sludge or heavy oil deposits are NOT present: Inspect engine oil pump suction line strainer for obstruction (use background lighting if necessary). If engine oil pump suction line strainer is NOT obstructed: Further diagnosis is required to find the cause of low engine oil pressure. Repair as necessary (please see AESIS for more information). If oil sludge or substantial oil deposits are found: Remove as much of these deposits from the engine as possible using mechanical methods such as scraping (DO NOT leave loose oil deposits “clumps” in engine) NOTE: ONLY the valve cover and oil pan may be cleaned with chemical products. DO NOT attempt to clean the engine with chemical flushes or similar products.

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